Haven FAQs
Here are few answers to common questions about our church.

How big is the church?

Our church, founded in 2012, embraces who we are as a small church, but have a healthy and vibrant congregation. Our Sunday services average around 50 people.

What time is your Sunday worship service?

Our Sunday service is held at 10:00 a.m. It is a relaxed atmosphere, featuring a mix of contemporary and classic praise songs.  We celebrate communion on the first Sunday of every month, and all believers are welcome to participate.

Where do I park?

There is plenty of parking behind our building as well as various places all over Old Town Spring.

What do you offer for children on Sunday morning?

Children are a special part of our congregation, and we value them as full participants in the life of our church. We have a nursery hat is available for little ones beginning shortly before service. Children (K - 5th Grade) are dismissed after the music portion of our service to participate in their own classes. Youth (6th - 12th Grade) meet every 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month and are integrated into the adult service the other Sundays.

What do you offer for babies and toddlers?

Nursery care is provided for both infants and toddlers (to age 5) from shortly before our 10 a.m. service until it's conclusion each week. Care is provided by an experienced childcare worker, and each week the toddlers participate in a brief Bible story time.

Who goes to your church?

We have quite a mixture of people at The Haven. Our congregation truly spans the ages, from newborns to folks in their 80s. You’ll find just about every type of person here – married, single, divorced, widowed – professionals, workers, retired – life-long Houston-area residents and those who have just recently moved here. But even more important than the kind of people who go here is the kind of people who are welcome here – everyone!

Do I have to belong to your denomination to attend?

We are non-denominational. We also don't have a formal membership. If you decide to attend the Haven regularly, support the church, and have made a decision to be baptized and trust in Jesus Christ, then you can consider yourself a member of our church.  

Do you have to dress up to attend your worship service?

No!  Dressing up is not a requirement to worship with us at The Haven. Some do wear their “Sunday best” but you’re also likely to see someone in shorts and a t-shirt. We believe the most important part about Sunday morning is showing up, ready to worship God.

What kind of things do you do in your worship service?

We strive to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere at The Haven. We greet each other so everyone feels welcomed; we share announcements and church news; we sing and worship with our praise team; we read the Bible and talk about it through the sermon; we pray over the offering to further God’s work; and we take communion once a month.

Can a visitor take communion?

Yes! We take communion every first Sunday of each month as a tangible reminder of God’s gift to us in Jesus Christ. We believe in open communion – that means that anyone who believes in Jesus Christ is welcome to take communion.