Questions & Answers

Here are some answers to common questions.

Discussion Group - The leader or a different group member each
week comes up with a discussion question concerning our walk with God, or they
bring a scripture to discuss. The questions should be designed to help people be open
and honest about their life and faith. This is a perfect way to build trust and authentic

Reading Group - In this group type, the group decides together on a
book of the Bible to read. Then at every group meeting, the members take turns
reading through the book stopping at specific points the reader chooses to discuss
what was read. Of course if someone in the group has a question they can ask.

Intercession Group - This group comes together, and their main focus
is to pray. Depending on the church, they may pray over the prayer requests the
church has received, for other members of the group, the nations, the church. In a
charismatic church, this may even be praying for people to be healed and delivered
and discuss and practice the Spiritual gifts. Inviting people to come who need that
kind of prayer.